Pinnacle PROTIG 200P – Your Go-To DC TIG Welding Machine


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Pinnacle PROTIG 200P – Your Go-To DC TIG Welding Machine

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Highlight Features:

State-of-the-Art IGBT Technology: Guarantees a consistently robust and effective welding experience.
Versatile Welding Modes: Features both Pulse TIG and MMA settings, ensuring adaptability for various tasks.
Integrated Safety Systems: Comes with over-current, over-heat, and under-voltage protection, enhancing user safety.
Variable Control Functions: Includes VRD and 2T/4T options for diverse welding requirements.
Customizable Welding Settings: Tailor your welding parameters to fit the job at hand.
Foot Pedal Ready: Enhances precision for complex welding projects.

Technical Details:

Power Supply: 220V ± 15%, 50/60 Hz
Idle Voltage: 12V (VRD Mode) / 60V (Standard)
Input Amperage: 35A
Output Range: MMA 20-160A | TIG 10-200A
Duty Cycle: 60% at full power
Efficiency Rating: 85%
Power Factor: 0.85
Insulation Class: F
Protection Class: IP21S
Arc Starting: High-Frequency (HF)
Electrode Diameter Range: MMA 1.6-4.0mm | TIG 1.0-3.2mm

What’s in the Box:

PROTIG 200P Inverter
Electrode Holder & Cable Set
TIG Welding Torch
Earth Clamp & Cable

Perfect For: Both seasoned welding professionals and enthusiastic DIYers in South Africa who demand a top-notch, reliable DC TIG welding machine for precision and effectiveness in their welding projects.

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