Pinnacle Welding DigiMIG 301C Digital MIG Welding Machine


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Single Phase, 270 Amp Digital MIG Welding Machine, Pinnacle DigiMIG 301C

Ideal for Industrial Welding

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The New Pinnacle DigiMIG 301C Digital MIG Welding Machine boosts a microprocessor operation panel that provides simple and precise control & performance across all settings.

The DigiMIG 301C MIG Welder is portable, the unit itself includes four castor wheels, no assembly required, as well as a gas cylinder tray which may be installed if needed. This welding machine is capable of MMA / ARC / Stick Welding and MIG / MAG Welding with a built-in wire feeder for wire spool protection, accommodating a 15kg or 300mm diameter spool.

The compact and lightweight design of the Pinnacle DigiMIG 301C MIG welding machine is perfect for any working environment where mobility is important. Yet the DigiMIG 301C still offers a high-duty cycle of 60% @ 40°C making it ideal for heavy fabrication welding.

To broaden the spectrum of welding capabilities the Pinnacle DigiMIG 301C offers a wide range of features suitable for specialised welding projects including end-welding current and end-welding voltage adjustment. Not to mention the ARC-Force, and inductance control making it a suitable multi-process welding machine for Lift-TIG Functionality.

The main added feature on this particular unit has to be the spot welding feature, this allows you to adjust your spot weld intervals and spot welding time, opening a variety of project opportunities all built into one unit.


  • Single Phase, 270 Amps
  • Digital Microprocessor Operation Panel
  • Simple & Precise Control
  • Stand alone with or without a gas cylinder tray
  • Built-in Wire Feeder for 15kg/300mm wire spools
  • MMA/ARC/Stick Welding
  • MIG/MAG Welding
  • Lift-TIG Functionality
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • High Duty Cycle of 60% @ 40°C
  • End Welding Current / Voltage Adjustment
  • Full Inductance Control
  • Spot Welding Functionality and Control

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Power Source, DigiMIG 301C
  • 1 x 3M MB25 MIG Welding Torch
  • 1 x Earth Cable & Earth Clamp
  • 1 x Argon/CO2 Gas Flowmeter

Technical Data – Pinnacle 301C MIG Welding Machine

Brand: Pinnacle Welding
Product: Pinnacle DigiMIG 301C MIG Welding Machine
Product Type: Welding Machine
Welding Type: MIG / ARC / TIG
Code: 6-1001201
Barcode: 6009547217081
Input Voltage: AC 220V ±15%, 1 Phase
Input Voltage Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Input Power Capacity (KVA) 9.4 10.5
Rated Output Voltage (V) 27.5 30.8
Rated Input Current (A) 42.7 47.7
Output Current Range (A) 20-270 20-270
ARC-Force Adjustment Range (10A/1)   0-100
No-Load Voltage (V) 60
Duty Cycle (%) 60
No-Load Consumption (W) 60
Efficiency (%) 85
Power Factor 0.93
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IP21S
Spool Size (mm) 270-300
Wire Feeding Speed 18m/min
Welding Wire Size (mm) 0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2
Electrode Size (mm) 2.0-4.0
Weight (kg) 39
Dimension (mm) 500 x 280 x 580

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