Riland 315P ACDC TIG Welder: Versatile Solution for Precise Welding


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Riland 315P ACDC TIG Welder: Versatile Solution for Precise Welding

Dive into the realm of precision welding with the Riland 315P ACDC TIG Welder—a hallmark of innovation tailored for the South African market. Known for its versatile applications, including DC TIG, AC TIG, Pulse TIG, and MMA, this welder is the embodiment of reliable and meticulous performance.

A Fusion of Technology and Performance

With its adjustable welding current and dual TIG & MMA functions, it brings to the table unmatched adaptability. Further, the Pulse mode, 2T/4T options, and AC balance pave the way for seamless and consistent welding sessions.

Beyond the Welds: Comprehensive Package

Out of the box, you’re not just getting a machine, but a holistic welding solution. The welder comes equipped with a TIG Torch (4m), Earth clamp (3m), and a Tungsten Electrode. Optional additions like Electrode Clamp (3m), Foot Control, and Argon flow meter accentuate the package’s comprehensiveness.

Riland 315P ACDC TIG Welder Spec Sheet

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Processes: DC TIG, AC TIG, Pulse TIG, MMA
  • Package Includes: Power source, TIG Torch (4m), Earth clamp (3m), Tungsten Electrode
  • Optional Extras: Electrode Clamp (3m), Foot Control, Argon flow meter
  • Technical Data:

    • Input Voltage/phase/frequency: 380V/3phase/50/60
    • Output current/Voltage/Duty cycle: 300A/22V/20% and 230A/19.2V/100%
    • Output Range / OCV: 12-300A / 62V
    • Weight: 38Kg
    • Dimensions: 609 x 332 x 622mm

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Weight 38 kg