2kg Pinnacle Super Power Gouging Electrodes


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Super Power Gouging Electrodes 5kg

Super Power Gouging Electrodes is a specially formulated welding rod for gouge purposes. Produces the most efficient metal removal performance. No air or oxygen required.

Arc Gouging

Manual Metal Arc (MMA) gouging electrodes can be used on the same power source as welding, gouging, or cutting, simply by changing the type of electrode.

Unlike MMA Welding Where a stable welding pool needs to be maintained gouging electrodes forces the molten away from your arc area or zone to remove molten metal and leave the area clean without breaking down the actual metal of the workpiece. The Electrodes are specially formulated with thick flux coatings that generate a large arc force with a strong gas stream. As in MMA Welding the arc when gouging is formed between the electrode tip and the workpiece.

Compared to alternative methods of gouging, MMA gouging removes metal at lower rates and leaves the gouged surface is inferior. This method is more convenient as one can use the same power source and switch between gouging electrodes and welding electrodes.


  • Create U-groove for weld joint
  • Remove old welds
  • Gouge out cracks
  • Cleaning and repairing castings
  • Remove hard surface material
  • Rough machining
  • Pierce hole

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3.15 mm 2kg, 4.0 mm 2kg


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