Gas Refill Cartridge for Blowtorch


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Blowtorch Gas Cartridge Refill – 190g

Do you need a reliable gas refill cartridge for your blowtorch?

Look no further! This Gas Refill Cartridge for Blowtorch is just what you need for your Plumbers Blowtorch. It’s 190g, pierceable, and made in Italy for a quality product you can trust.


🔥 Powerful Flame: This gas cartridge is designed to deliver a powerful flame that will make your job easier.

💪 Durable: This gas refill cartridge is designed to last, so you can use it time and time again.

🔧 Easy to Use: With the simple design, you can easily refill your blowtorch and get back to work.


  • 190g
  • Pierceable
  • Made in Italy


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