HILCO E4043 ALUMINIL Si5 3.15mm Welding Electrode 2kg


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HILCO E4043 ALUMINIL Si5 Welding Electrode

Aluminil Si5 is our special coated aluminium electrode for welding, repairing and surfacing forged and cast aluminium-silicon alloys and joining dissimilar aluminium alloys with max. 7% Si content. The easy flowing characteristics make the electrode suitable for welding all aluminium castings (except AlMg castings). The electrode has a pure white coating specifically designed to reduce moisture pick-up. For thicker plate materials (≥15 mm) it is recommended to preheat at 150°C to 250°C before welding.


Stick electrodes – aluminium
  • AWS A5.3: E 4043
  • Werkstoffnummer 3.2245
  • EN ISO 18273: E Al 4043 (AlSi5)
  • Type: Stick electrodes

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