Pinnacle Welding Cable Dinse Plug – Female


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Pinnacle Welding Cable Dinse Plug – Female


The Pinnacle Welding Cable Dinse Plug – Female is the key to quick and easy welding cable connections, ensuring a seamless link between your power source or welding machine and the welding cable. This twist-lock, female connector simplifies the process, enhancing your welding experience.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Connection: Connect welding cables swiftly and securely by simply pushing the plug into place and twisting it to lock it securely.
  • Universal Compatibility: Dinse plugs are among the most widely used connectors, making this a versatile choice compatible with various welding machines.
  • Shock Protection: Manufactured from durable rubber, this plug not only ensures electrical connection but also protects against shocks and physical damage.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Choose from a range of sizes to match your specific welding cable diameter, ensuring a snug fit for your equipment.

Available Sizes:

  • 10-25mm
  • 35-50mm
  • 50-70mm
  • 95mm

Ideal for:

  • Welders
  • Handyman
  • Welding Professionals

Simplify Your Welding Setup:

Upgrade your welding setup with the Pinnacle Welding Cable Dinse Plug – Female. It offers effortless and secure cable connections, universal compatibility, and shock protection. Choose the size that fits your welding cable diameter and experience smoother, more productive work. Contact us to streamline your welding process today.

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    10-25 mm, 35-50 mm, 50-70 mm, 95 mm


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