Pinnacle Welding Single Stage Oxygen Regulator


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Pinnacle Welding Single Stage Oxygen Regulator – Precision Control for Your Welding Needs


The Pinnacle Welding Single Stage Oxygen Regulator is your reliable partner for achieving precise control of oxygen flow in welding applications. Crafted for durability and accuracy, this single-stage regulator ensures you can maintain optimal oxygen levels for your welding projects.

Key Features:

  • Single Stage Regulator: This regulator is a single-stage design, providing precise control over oxygen flow during welding.
  • Forged Brass Body & Bonnet: Crafted with a forged brass body and bonnet, it offers increased durability and strength, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Precision-Engineered Components: The regulator’s components are precision-engineered for improved overall performance and enhanced safety.
  • Outlet Pressure Gauge: The outlet pressure gauge allows for accurate setting of the desired pressure, ensuring precise control over the welding process.


  • Input Thread: R/H 5/8″ BSP
  • Output Thread: R/H 3/8″ BSP, tailpiece, and nut included
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 315 Bar Capacity
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 14 Bar (approximately 203.1 PSI)

What Is a Single Stage Regulator in Welding?

A single-stage regulator is a type of pressure-regulating device used in welding. It operates in a single step to reduce the high-pressure gas from the cylinder to the desired working pressure for the welding torch. It is a common choice for applications where precise pressure control is required.

Can an Oxygen Regulator Be Used for Any Other Type of Gas?

No, oxygen regulators are specifically designed for use with oxygen gas. They are not interchangeable with regulators designed for other gases like acetylene or argon. Using an oxygen regulator with a different gas can be dangerous and should be avoided.

What Is the Difference Between an Argon and Oxygen Regulator?

The primary difference between argon and oxygen regulators lies in their design and intended use. Oxygen regulators are designed for use with oxygen gas, while argon regulators are designed for use with argon gas. They are not interchangeable due to differences in gas properties and required flow rates.

What Is the Maximum Pressure for an Oxygen Regulator?

The maximum pressure for an oxygen regulator, as specified in the product details for the Pinnacle Welding Single Stage Oxygen Regulator, is 14 Bar (approximately 203.1 PSI). This pressure regulation ensures the safe and controlled delivery of oxygen for welding applications.

Experience precision control in your welding projects with the Pinnacle Welding Single Stage Oxygen Regulator. Crafted with quality materials and precision-engineered components, it offers reliability, durability, and accuracy in oxygen flow control.

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