Pinnacle Parallel Gas Hose Clamp 8mm


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Pinnacle Parallel Gas Hose Clamp 8mm – Secure and Organized Gas Line Management

The Pinnacle Parallel Gas Hose Clamp in 8mm offers a solution for creating a neater and safer environment when working with multiple gas lines. Hose clips, also known as hose clamps, play a crucial role in securing and organizing gas lines, ensuring a tidy workspace. With this 8mm parallel gas hose clamp, you can efficiently manage and secure gas hoses, enhancing safety and convenience in gas-related tasks.

Key Features:

  • Secure Gas Lines: These parallel hose clamps securely hold multiple gas lines in place, preventing disorganization and potential hazards.
  • 8mm Size: Designed specifically for 8mm gas hoses, ensuring a snug fit for secure line management.
  • Safety and Neatness: By using hose clamps, you create a neater and safer environment for working with gas lines.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various applications where multiple gas lines need to be organized and secured.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Type: Parallel Gas Hose Clamp
  • Size: 8mm

What Are Hose Clips Used For?

Hose clips, also known as hose clamps, are used to secure and organize hoses, ensuring they stay in place and preventing leaks or disconnections.

What Are the Three Types of Hose Clamps?

The three main types of hose clamps are worm gear clamps, spring clamps, and screw clamps. Each type serves specific purposes and provides varying levels of securement.

What Is a Hose Clamp Used For in Firefighting?

In firefighting, hose clamps are used to secure hoses in place, preventing them from shifting or coming loose during critical firefighting operations. This ensures a continuous and reliable water supply.

What Is the Proper Name for a Hose Clamp?

The proper name for a hose clamp is indeed “hose clamp.” It is also commonly referred to as a “hose clip” or simply a “clamp.”

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