Pinnacle Plasma Cutter | Procut 40ET Plasma Cutting Machine for Precision Metalwork


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Explore Advanced Plasma Cutting with the Pinnacle Procut 40ET Plasma Cutter – Your Solution for Efficient and Accurate Metal Cutting

Unlock the full potential of metal cutting with the Pinnacle Procut 40ET Plasma Cutter, an advanced tool designed for precision, efficiency, and reliability. This high-performance plasma cutting machine is your workshop’s next essential tool, perfect for cutting common steel plate, stainless steel, and low alloy steel with exceptional accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Model: Pinnacle Procut 40ET
  • IGBT Technology: Integrated with the latest IGBT plasma technology, ensuring high efficiency and a smoother cutting experience.
  • High-Frequency Arc Start: Allows for an instant arc start with minimal spatter and maximum cutting quality.
  • Optimal Cutting Thickness: Recommended for cutting materials with a thickness range of 0.1-8mm, capable of reaching up to 15mm.
  • Voltage Versatility: Operates within an ultra-wide input voltage range of 160-260V, making it adaptable in various settings.
  • Cutting Current Range: Adjustable from 15-40A, providing versatility for different cutting needs.
  • Efficient Duty Cycle: Rated at 20% at 40° C, ensuring the cutter works optimally under various temperature conditions.
  • High Efficiency and Power Factor: Achieves 75% efficiency with a power factor of 0.85, optimizing power use and reducing costs.
  • Post Gas Time: Features a 7-10 second post gas time to increase the lifespan of consumables and improve cutting ends.
  • Safety and Durability: IP21S rated for superior dust and moisture resistance, enhancing longevity and safety in challenging environments.

Product Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 230V ± 15%
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • No-Load Voltage: 270V
  • Rated Input Current: 25.2A
  • Insulation Class: H
  • Dimensions and Weight: Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and transportation.

Package Includes:

  • Inverter power source
  • High-quality cutting torch
  • Durable earth cable

Ideal For:

  • Metal fabrication shops
  • Automotive repair and restoration
  • Industrial construction projects
  • DIY metalworking enthusiasts

With the Pinnacle Procut 40ET Plasma Cutter, precision meets power. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your workshop’s capabilities or a hobbyist seeking precision in metalworking, this plasma cutter is designed to meet diverse cutting needs with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Order Now! Visit Pinnacle Online or contact us at 061 583 6966 for purchases and inquiries.

Transform your metal cutting tasks with the Pinnacle Procut 40ET Plasma Cutter—where technology, efficiency, and precision come together to deliver outstanding results.

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