Pinnacle Welding PrimiMIG 550 380V 500A Digital Synergic MIG Welder with separate wire feeder


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Pinnacle Welding PrimiMIG 550 380V 500A Digital Synergic MIG Welder with separate wire feeder

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The Primimig 550 MIG welder is a product of Pinnacle Welding, the leader in manufacturing welding equipment. Pinnacle Welding has always been characterised by its quality, its versatility and its tailor-made solutions. The Primimig 550 MIG welder has been designed for the ultimate welding experience. Primimig is easy to operate and is perfect for both DIY enthusiasts, as well as professionals. It also has a variety of applications such as general engineering, fabrication and repair. The welds are clean, quick and precise, making it an excellent choice for your next purchase.

The Primimig 550 is a compact, portable, and powerful MIG welding machine. It has a highly flexible design with the choice of trolley, water tank, and power source. Primimig 550 has Synergic controls that ensure a more simple and smart welding operation.

The Primimig 550 mig welder is a product that can you welding all kinds of metals with and it’s powerful enough with a max output power of 550 amps and a revolutionary PLC programmable controller which provides better control, whilst ensuring the quality of welding. The machine’s modular design makes it easy to maintain and service. This welder has a high success rate since its air duct design prevents it from overheating and prolongs its use.

This type of mig welder is the ideal solution for welding all types of metal.

Pinnacle PrimiMIG 550 Characteristics:

  • Includes Seperate Wire Feeder
  • Advanced digital microprocessor control technology
  • Dual Function MIG / MMA
  • Comprehensive protecting function, reduce maintenance downtime
  • Unique air duct design, extend the life span of the machine
  • 4 control units unitisation design, easy for maintenance

Trolley not included

Watercooler & Toolbox optional extras.

    Technical Data
    Code: 6-100122
    Input Voltage: AC 380V ?15%
    Input Capacity: 23 KVA
    No load Voltage: 77V
    Output Current: 40-500A
    Duty Cycle: 60%
    Pre Flow (S): 0-2
    Post Flow (S): 0-2
    Wire Size: 1.0/1.2/1.6 mm
    Weight: 41kg
    Dimension (mm): 622 x 280 x 480


    Additional information

    Weight 50 kg


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