Riland MIG 500GF Heavy Industrial MIG Welding Machine with Separate Wire Feeder


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Riland MIG 500GF Heavy Industrial MIG Welding Machine with Separate Wire Feeder

The Riland MIG 500GF Heavy Industrial Welding Machine is an all-in-one solution for MIG welding processes. This MIG welding machine is built for heavy-duty industrial use, providing superior welding performance and durability. The separate wire feeder allows for greater flexibility in positioning the MIG welding machine and ensures accurate wire feeding.

This MIG welding machine is designed to be highly adjustable, with selectable current, voltage, and inductance settings, as well as wire diameter and wire type selection. The ARC extinction regulation can also be adjusted, ensuring optimal MIG welding results. The machine also features a gas purge function and wire inching on the wire feeder.

The Riland MIG 500GF is compatible with 15kg (300mm) wire spools and features a tri-proof air duct design, providing additional protection against dust, moisture, and other contaminants. This MIG welding machine comes complete with an inverter power source, MIG torch, earth clamp, hose, hose clamp, and other essential components needed for MIG welding.

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable MIG welding machine that can handle heavy industrial use, the Riland MIG 500GF is the perfect solution. With its advanced features and robust construction, this MIG welding machine is a valuable addition to any welding shop or industrial facility. Invest in the Riland MIG 500GF today and experience the power and precision of this exceptional MIG welding machine.



  • MIG
  • MIG/Gasless
  • MMA
  • ARC Gouge

Package Includes

  • Inverter Power Source
  • MIG Torch, 3m
  • Earth Clamp, 3m
  • Hose, 3m
  • Hose Clamp, 2pcs


  • Current, Voltage and Inductance Adjustable
  • Wire Diameter Selectable
  • Wire Type Selectable
  • ARC Extinction Regulation Selectable
  • Gas Purge
  • Wire Inching on Wire Feeder
  • Compatible with 15kg(300mm) Wire Spool
  • Tri-proof Air Duct Design

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