Riland MMA 202GDM ARC Welding Machine


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Riland MMA 202GDM ARC Welding Machine

– 200a Inverter Welder

The Riland MMA 202GDM ARC Welding Machine can complete ARC & Lift-TIG Welding Processes. With its Built-in MCU this machine allows for adjustable VRD, Hot-Start & ARC Force, providing the welder with more precise control for challenging welding projects.


This Machine is suitable for all welding electrode compositions and provides non-stop welding on both 2.5mm and 3.15mm welding electrodes, however, it is capable of welding with 4.0mm. The Automatic fan function increases the longevity of the unit by only activating when needed as opposed to constantly running.



  • MMA ARC Welding
  • Lift-TIG Welding

Package Includes

  • Inverter Power Source, Riland 190 Amp Inverter
  • 3M Welding Cable Kit


  • Built-in MCU (Micro Processor Unit)
  • Adjustable VRD
  • Welding Mode Select
  • Adjustable Hot Start
  • Adjustable ARC-Force
  • Automatic Fan, Only Switches on as needed
  • Non-stop welding on 2.5-3.15mm Electrode, Capable of 4.0mm Electrode
  • Suitable for Acid Electrode, Basic Electrode, and Cellulosic Electrode


BRAND: Riland
Product: Riland MMA 202GDM ARC Welding Machine
Product Type:

ARC Welding Machine

Lift-TIG Welding Machine

Product Code: 6-10RMMA02
Barcode: 6009547207556
Phase: Single
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output Current Range: MIG: 95-190 Amps
TIG: 95-190 Amps
Voltage: MIG: 23.8V-27.6V
TIG: 13.8V-17.6V
Duty Cycle: 95 Amps @ 100% / 190 Amps @ 25%
Rated Input Current: MIG: 38.7 Amps @ 190 Amps
TIG: 24.7 Amps @ 190 Amps
Rated Output Voltage: 64V / 16V VRD
Dimension: 288 x 126 x 234 mm
Weight: 4.3 Kg

Additional information

Weight 4.3 kg


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