Riland MMA 500G ARC Welding/Gouging Machine


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Riland MMA 500G ARC Welding/Gouging Machine

The Riland MMA 500G ARC Welding & Gouging Machine is a powerful 480 Amp Welding Machine, suitable for all electrode types and recommended for 5.0mm Welding Electrodes. The Tri-Proof Air Duct System provides better cooling and protects against foreign particles entering the unit.

With Adjustable VRD, ARC-Force & Hot Start functions, the Riland MMA 500G Welding Machine is suitable for most welding & gouging projects.



  • MMA ARC Welding
  • Gouging Machine
  • Remote Control Optional

Package Includes

  • Inverter Power Source, Riland 480 Amp Inverter
  • 3M Welding Cable Kit


  • Adjustable VRD
  • Adjustable Hot Start
  • Adjustable ARC-Force
  • Recommended for 5.0mm Welding Electrode
  • Suitable for Acid Electrode, Basic Electrode, and Cellulosic Electrode
  • Tri-Proof Air Duct System



BRAND: Riland
Product: Riland MMA 500G ARC Welding Machine
Product Type: ARC Welding/Gouging Machine
Product Code: 6-10RMMA05
Barcode: 6009547207587
Phase: Three Phase
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output Current Range: 40-480 Amps
Voltage: 32.2V – 39.2V
Duty Cycle: 304 Amps @ 100% / 480 Amps @ 40%
Rated Input Current: 36.2A
Rated Output Voltage: 68V
Dimension: 515 X 262 X 468 mm
Weight: 26 Kg

Additional information

Weight 26 kg


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